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Red Watch

Messagepar Dan » Mercredi 13 Fév 2008 23:48


as you may know, some of polish nazis run a site ( http://www. redwatch . info ), which contains detailed personal information about polish human rights activists, gays, lesbians, anarchists etc.

Unfortunately, this site is placed on server in the US, so there's no possibility to take any legal action against them due to First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Nevertheless, we may try to impede their lifes. How? Just overload their server with this simple script.

Here it is:

1) for the Windows users:

Download this file:

This bat executes in endless loop two commands - download redwatch . info (by wget) and delete downloaded files. It's really easy and will not load much of your cpu.

2) for the Linux users:

bash script:

while [ $x -le 2 ];
wget -r -l1 --delete-after http://www. redwatch . info/

(don't forget to set it executable: chmod +x )

then run in command line by typing:

More info (in polish):

Thanks for your help. Spread the word.

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